QatarDebate Center organizes The Academic and educational event in Istanbul

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Center, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, organized the “Arabic Language and Debate Academy” for a number of Turkish universities, in cooperation with the Center for Arabic Language Studies and Debate at Sultan Mehmet Al-Fateh University in Istanbul, Turkey. And participated in the 6-day academy (which ended on Monday), 50 doctors, lecturers and teachers of the Arabic language from various universities and secondary schools in southern Turkey in the regions: Gaziantep, Maraş, Antakya, Kilis, and Urfa, as part of their training to manage the debate championship that will be held in cooperation with the Ministry of Education in Turkey later this year, according to the Qatar News Agency, Qena. According to the country agency: The Academy program included two phases that lasted 6 days. The first three days were dedicated to the four semi-finalists in the National Debating Championships in Turkey from high schools, in addition to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet University team. These 5 teams were trained on debate skills and how to use them correctly in various issues, and to learn about analysis methods and the tasks of the two teams within the debate through content-enhancing applications, as well as qualifying these teams to participate in the next international school debate championship in the Qatari capital, Doha. The second stage included a workshop for Arabic language teachers entitled “Using Debate in Teaching and Curricula for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers,” which lasted for three days. It aimed to acquaint participants with the methods of activating debate in classrooms and using this skill in schools and universities, in addition to enabling them to teach Arabic based on modern linguistics and introducing them to the debate community.

The 19th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Forum in Istanbul

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The city of Istanbul will host the activities of the 19th Turkish-Arab Economic Cooperation Forum, during the period from 13 to 16 June. The forum will be held under the supervision of the Joint Cooperation Association of Turkish and Arab countries and the TrapExpo Company, in the presence of the ministries of trade, industry and investment from Turkey and Arab countries. The events include the exhibition of food and food technology, the exhibition of agriculture and agricultural machinery technology, and the exhibition of hotel and restaurant equipment, bakeries, ovens and related technology. The forum is an important opportunity for Arab and Turkish businessmen and companies to get acquainted and provide real opportunities for economic, commercial, industrial and professional cooperation and activate joint investment. More than 1,500 companies and businessmen from Arab countries are participating in the events, in addition to more than 250 exhibiting companies within the terms of reference of the forum. The summit is attended by ambassadors and consuls of Arab countries in Turkey, in addition to heads and representatives of chambers of commerce, industry, agriculture, federations, trade unions, specialized associations and investment commissions from Turkey and Arab countries to present the available investment opportunities, facilities and services provided by these bodies to their Arab and Turkish counterparts, companies and Arab businessmen. On the sidelines of the forum, Turkish-Arab and Arab-Arab bilateral meetings will be organized.