Rules of concern to citizens

Buying in Turkey

Documents required during buying real estate in Turkey


  • To obtain the Tax ID from the Revenue Administration.
  • To translate the passport into Turkish and to be notarized by the offices of notaries public.
  • 4 personal photos.
  • To check with the State of Qatar Consulate in Istanbul before concluding contracts for the safety of citizens.
  • To check with the Land Registry Office and verify the title deed.
  • To open an account with a Turkish bank to transfer the property value later (optional).
  • It is recommended that a lawyer complete the procedures.


** During buying the property, the title deed charges will be 4%, and according to the law, the seller will pay 2% and the buyer 2%. It is not legally valid that the seller will make the buyer pay fully the property charges 4%.

** After the property is bought, you must provide a statement of the property in the municipality assigned to the location of the property and pay the “acquisition tax” (environment cleaning or waste tax) annually.

** Buying cars in Turkey: A residence permit must be issued in Turkey


Opening a Bank Account with Turkish Banks

Documents Required During Account Opening


  • To obtain the Tax ID from the Revenue Administration.
  • A passport copy.
  • A legalized statement of residence address in Qatar in English.


You can obtain the Tax ID by presenting your original passport and a copy thereof


Residency in Turkey

The Documents Required From Property Owners in Turkey during Applying For Residency


  • To apply for an appointment and fill out a form of residency via the Internet.

  • Original property title deed and a copy thereof. 
  • Original passport and a copy thereof.
  • To obtain the “Land Register” document from the Land Registry Office indicating that the property is in the name of the owner.
    • It is called in Turkish “TAŞINMAZA AİT TAPU KAYDI.”
  • To obtain the "Address of the Property" document from the Municipality Presidency, Department of Development and Urban Planning of the property area. It is called in Turkish “NUMARATAJ.”
  • To obtain the "Separation Between Name and Surname" document from the Consulate General of Qatar in Istanbul.
  • Health insurance for the property owner.
  • To obtain the “Compulsory Earthquake Insurance” document in the name of the title deed holder, it is called in Turkish “DASK.”
  • To present a bank statement.
  • 4 personal photos.


The citizens enjoy ownership of real estate throughout the territory of the Republic of Turkey excluding residential neighborhoods nearby all military barracks of the Turkish Army and strategic and security sites. The citizens are also entitled to own more than one property in Turkey on an area up to 30 hectares.